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Artist Statement
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About Studio Osterberg
Commissioned Pieces:
My goal as an artist is to use bold vibrant color and powerfully drawn forms to create paintings and sculpture which engage a viewer everytime they look at them.  By creating from an emotional aspect, instead of a realistic one, I invite a viewer to interpret and communicate with the finished work themselves......which is the essential joy one gets from viewing art.
Completed Art Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Displayed and sold in Austin-Harvard Gallery, Rochester, NY
Juried into The Clothesline Art Festival, Rochester, NY
Juried into The Corn Hill Art Festival, Rochester, NY
Solo show at "On Mars," San Francisco, CA
Solo show at Torrefazione, San Francisco, CA
Group show at The Westin Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Group show at The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Featured Artist in The Hilton Waikoloa Gallery, Waikoloa, HI
Opens Studio Osterberg Art Gallery, La Quinta, CA
  We love doing Commissioned Pieces.  We have completed art for corporate collections and individual buyers across the United States, and as far away as Japan  If you have a special project in mind we would be happy to create a custom piece just for you.  You can reach us on the "Contact Us" page.
Artist Resume